Aluminium Chassis

Aluminium Caravan Chassis

When it comes to aluminium caravan chassis in Australia, we are one of the most trusted and respected names in the industry.

Whether it be on-road, off-road, semi offroad, galvanised, painted or any other speciality, our quality is second to none.

You can always rely on ARV Chassis for the best quality aluminium caravan chassis in Australia.

Benefits Of Aluminium Caravan Chassis

When it comes to caravan chassis, quantity doesn’t always equal quality. It’s not totally necessary for the chassis to be 100% steel however, it should be properly engineered for the purpose in which it was created.

Steel can be quite heavy, which means that a 100% steel chassis isn't necessarily the best option for your caravan. It can add a lot of unnecessary weight behind your towing vehicle.

It can also affect the performance of the caravan, especially on serious off-road tracks and remote areas. That's where aluminium caravan chassis come to the fore.

Many Australian caravan manufacturers have discovered the major benefits of aluminium chassis in recent years and at ARV chassis, we are no different.

Our latest chassis units are constructed from aluminium which improves the overall strength of the frame and reduces its weight significantly.

  • Safety is a top priority at ARV. Our team ensures that all the components that go into our chassis meet all the applicable Australian quality standards. All our aluminium chassis are manufactured according to ADR62 compliant A-Frames.
  • We use only Australian-made components in our manufacturing process. Even the galvanising is done at our facility and complies with AS/NZS 2312.2. We also use protective coatings to prevent corrosion.
  • Our aluminium frames are long-lasting and rust-free. This offers improved corrosion resistance and weight savings.
  • All our axles and couplings are sourced from the best in the industry.

Aluminium caravan chassis that are manufactured by ARV are top quality and are second to none. Please call us today for all your aluminium chassis and let us help make your dream a reality.


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