Do you have trouble storing your caravan in your garage because of the drawbar that always seems to get in the way?

The innovative ARV Side Folding Drawbar System is here to make your life easier by saving up to 800mm of space.

With this brilliant piece of innovation, you can finally minimise the space that your caravan occupies when it is not in use. With only a few requirements needed, the ARV Side Folding Drawbar’s slick and simple design offers you fool-proof convenience so that you can rest assured knowing your caravan is adequately stored!

The best part about this great design is that it requires very little maintenance. All it needs is to be greased once a year which eliminates the inconvenience of needing to remove various components for cleaning and greasing.

The ARV drawbar has been tested and abides with the requirements of ADR 62 and is rated to 3.5 tonne ATM. This means we can assure you of the safety you deserve.