Side Folding Drawbar


The ARV Side Folding Drawbar is a brilliant and revolutionary piece of innovation that allows you to minimise the space that your caravan occupies when it is not in use.

With only a few simple requirements needed, the ARV Side Folding Drawbar’s slick and simple design offers you unparalleled convenience when it comes to parking or storing your caravan.

The side-folding drawbar has been extensively tested and is in compliance with ADR 62/02 mechanical connections requirements.

Regular Checking

Be sure to regularly check that the hinge assembly and pins are properly installed and all are accounted for. This includes R-clips, C-shackles, hinge pins, linchpins etc. It is best to do these checks before setting out as well as during rest periods.


Ball Weight

Always take note of your caravan manufacturer's ball weight guidelines and ensure you don’t go over the specified weight. Generally, this should be around 10% of the weight of your fully-loaded caravan.

If your ball weight is over 10%, it is essential that you don’t use a load levelling hitch in order to meet this requirement. By using a load levelling hitch in this situation, it will put extra load and strain on your tow bar, A-frame, hinges etc and this will cause a number of issues as they are not made to handle the additional load.



Each hinge pin should be removed, cleaned and greased at least once per year. If your caravan is in dusty or wet conditions frequently, then this should be done more often. All of the components should be checked regularly and they should be replaced with authentic parts if they get damaged or lost.

Regular inspections should be done to make sure each of the components are in their best shape and that there is no cracking, distortion, damage etc. If any issues are found, then the components should either be fixed or replaced as soon as possible.


No modifications are allowed to the hinge assembly according to the ARV warranty. Also, replacement with non-genuine parts and components are not covered under the warranty.

Additional Information

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