Galvanised Chassis

Galvanised Chassis

For the best off-road experience, owning a caravan with a strongly-built chassis is the key and this is where a galvanised chassis comes into the equation.

A galvanised chassis is a regular steel frame chassis that has been dipped in molten zinc to offer additional protection against corrosion.

A galvanised chassis offers caravan owners numerous benefits and guarantees a longer caravan life and provides you with extra peace of mind.

Here are some of the benefits of a galvanised chassis:

  • Corrosion-free Chassis
  • Less maintenance required
  • More road trip destinations
  • Overall peace of mind

Corrosion-free Chassis

At ARV Chassis, the reason we develop galvanised chassis frames is to prevent rusting, which may have detrimental effects on the chassis.

Off-road caravans are meant for rough terrain and should be able to withstand all weather conditions, particularly in the wet.

Continued interaction with water is the main cause of rust in most caravans. However, with our galvanised chassis, you can forget about rust and enjoy your caravan for many years to come.

Less Maintenance Required

We advise aspiring caravan owners to choose a galvanised chassis so that they don't have to deal with any ongoing maintenance hassles.

Although basic practices such as oiling and greasing are recommended, caravan owners don't need to spend too much time and money with the upkeep of their chassis.

More Road Trip Destinations

Ordinary caravans may be able to withstand the mud and the wet however, salty environments such as coastal areas cause a different set of issues.

Salt precipitation on metal surfaces can cause significant damage to the caravan's chassis which is why a galvanised chassis for your caravan will give you the freedom to spend time by the ocean without the fear of corrosion.

Overall Peace of Mind

With a galvanised chassis, caravan owners can travel to virtually any destination with complete peace of mind that their chassis can withstand any type of terrain and weather conditions without the fear of being damaged.

Considering the estimated lifetime of a galvanised chassis, we consider them the best choice for prospective caravan owners for a guaranteed long life.

Are you searching for the highest quality chassis for your caravan? If so, you do not have to look any further than ARV Chassis for all your caravan chassis assis needs.


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