Our manufacturing process is a seamless integration of the latest technology and skilled workmanship. Our obsession with quality has earned our products a dedicated following amongst our customers.

If you’re looking for a specific use scenario, we can offer a tailor-made configuration using our design consultation services. With our years of experience, fabrication capacity and engineering skills, we have constantly met the highest expectations.

At ARV Chassis, we can manufacture caravan chassis that are intended for on-road, off-road or specialty roles.

We use the highest quality components to create products we can be proud of. Right down to the welding wire. All our products comply with regulations for chassis under ADR62.


We provide and use our very own in house laser cutting facility this ensures the highest quality laser cutting for all our chassis

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Depending on the demanding requirements of our customers we build a range of chassis, which can be customized for use across different types of terrain and climate.

Main Features

  • Our A-frames are ADR 62 Compliant (Australian Design Rules)
  • Our Chassis can be custom manufactured, will easily accept most major suspensions
  • Paired with a high-adhesion primer, we use the best quality enamel paint in its class. This offers outstanding corrosion protection against the elements in the harshest outback conditions
  • When it comes to floor installation, caravan manufacturers and fabricators love our chassis because they are consistently flat, square and straight
  • As a commitment to quality, we pay attention to the smallest details, like using laminated brake cables to prevent rust and environmental wear
  • Our dedication to quality sets our chassis apart. Each and every order goes through a meticulous process of evaluation and quality assurance testing before being released for dispatch
  • We have a dedicated Research and Development team that works to constantly optimize and improve the products we make. We are constantly developing new designs and processes to meet regulatory requirements and exceed the performance expectations of our clients.


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Safety is a top priority here at ARV, and we ensure that the components that go into our products meet all applicable regulations. We manufacture all our chassis with ADR62 compliant A-Frames.

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australian standard chassis


We are proud to use Australian-made steel in our manufacturing process. Even our galvanization is done right here and complies with AS/NZS 2312.2 which covers the use of protective coatings for corrosion prevention.

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