Unlock the Outback: The Ultimate Off-Road Chassis

Dive into the rugged Australian landscapes with confidence, thanks to ARV Chassis. Our dedicated team of engineers crafts a broad spectrum of off-road caravan chassis, tailored to fit your adventurous needs and budget. From the traditional caravan base to bespoke solutions, our creations are the backbone of your outdoor escapades.

Different Types Of Off-Road Chassis

We offer a couple options when it comes to off-road chassis for our customers including the following:

Off-Road Chassis Tailored for Toughness

Our commitment to excellence shines through in every chassis we produce, adhering strictly to Australian industry standards. Choose between galvanised or painted finishes to match your style, and trust in our expertise for off-road, on-road, and specialised journeys.

Innovation Meets Craftsmanship

The fusion of cutting-edge technology with the finesse of our skilled technicians guarantees chassis that are unparalleled in quality. Our loyal customer base across Australia is a testament to our dedication to excellence and our readiness to exceed expectations.

Off-Road Chassis Options for Every
Off-Road Enthusiast

Aluminium Frame

Embrace the long-lasting, rust-free journey with our aluminium chassis, designed for weight efficiency and corrosion resistance.

Welding Excellence

Our expertly welded joints, crafted with top-quality welding wire, ensure strength and durability at every turn.

Top-Tier Coupling and Suspension

Select from the finest brands in the industry for a smooth, reliable ride tailored to your adventures.

Precision Laser-Cut Components

Our commitment to precision delivers chassis that are flawlessly flat, straight, and square, thanks to our strict quality controls.

Off-Road Chassis Options for Every Off-Road Enthusiast

The Off-Road Champion Chassis

Built for the untamed Australian outback, these chassis boast superior suspension and a robust build, ready for any challenge.

The Versatile Semi Off-Road Chassis

Perfectly blending on-road comfort with off-road capability, these chassis are your gateway to exploring the vast unknown.

Your Off-Road Chassis Journey Begins with ARV Chassis

For the explorers who demand the best, ARV Chassis is your ultimate partner for off-road, on-road, or semi-off-road caravan chassis in Australia. With ARV Chassis, you’re not just buying a foundation for
your caravan; you’re investing in a lifetime of adventures. Discover why ARV Chassis is the preferred choice
for adventurers across Australia. Let’s make your dream adventure a reality.