Revolutionise Your Ride with Hollow Beam Axle Solutions

Step into the future of caravan and trailer building with our cutting-edge Hollow Beam Axle solutions. At the heart of innovation, we offer an ingenious way to lighten your load without compromising on durability or capacity. Perfect for manufacturers and builders aiming for optimum efficiency, our Hollow Beam axles are the pinnacle of modern engineering.

Choose Your Perfect Fit: Our Range of Hollow Beam Axles

  • 2500kg Single Axle with 12″ Brakes: Maximise your mobility with up to 2500kg ATM.
  • 2200kg Single Axle with 12″ Brakes: Ideal for those seeking up to 2200kg ATM in a single axle.
  • 2000kg Tandem Axle with 12″ Brakes: Double the support, offering up to 4000kg ATM.
  • 1450kg Tandem Axle with 10″ Brakes: Streamlined for up to 2900kg ATM.
  • 1600kg Tandem Axle with 10″ Brakes: Balance and power for up to 3200kg ATM.

Rigorous Real-World Testing

Forget about lab coats and sterile environments; our Hollow Beam Axles are tested against the rugged Australian backdrop. From the untamed outback to coastal roads, we put our products through the wringer to ensure they meet the highest standards of resilience and performance.

Unmatched Features for Unbeatable Performance

Feather weight Power

Our Hollow Beam design combines lightness with the ability to carry heavy loads, ensuring your vehicle moves more efficiently.

Precision Braking

Equipped with Al-Ko Brake Plates, our axles are designed for seamless integration with the Al-Ko ESC System, offering superior control and safety.

Superior Bearings

We choose only the best - with Japanese bearings from renowned brands like Koyo and NTN, reliability is never in question.

Experience the Hollow Beam Advantage

Whether you’re hitting the road for adventure or delivering valuable cargo, our Hollow Beam Axle solutions promise to enhance your journey with their lightweight yet strong design. Trust in our technology to take you further, with the confidence that you’re equipped to tackle any terrain Australia throws your way. Embrace the future of travel with us – where every journey is an opportunity to experience excellence on wheels.