Hollow Beam Axle

While we provide hassle-free and simple traditional axles, our Hollow Beam axle solutions provide an exciting way to save on weight.

This design maintains carrying capacity, but at a much lower weight, which is a very desirable trait for manufacturers and builders.


  • 2500kg Single Axle with 12" Brakes (Maximum 2500kg ATM)
  • 2200kg Single Axle with 12" Brakes (Maximum 2200kg ATM)
  • 2000kg Tandem Axle with 12" Brakes (Maximum 4000kg ATM)
  • 1450kg Tandem Axle with 10" Brakes (Maximum 2900kg ATM)
  • 1600kg Tandem Axle with 10" Brakes (Maximum 3200kg ATM)

Advantages And Features

  • Lightweight design

We use Al-Ko Brake Plates that are designed specifically for use with the Al-Ko ESC System.

Our suspensions include quality Japanese bearings from brands such as Koyo and NTN.

  • Testing

Our suspensions are built to easily withstand even the toughest and hardest Australian terrain. We don't test our products in a lab - we test them in the outback! This provides us with precise information when it comes to how our range of chassis performs in real-life conditions.


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