Truss Chassis

ARV Chassis is a leading and trusted name in the caravan chassis industry in Australia. This statement is backed up by our innovative approach to chassis design which has led to the development of the all new truss chassis.

What Are The Benefits Of The Truss Chassis?

At ARV Chassis, we have realised and acknowledged in recent years the huge benefits of specialised chassis design. That is why we have come up with the truss chassis.

We understand that all caravan chassis must be correctly designed and engineered to serve its purpose however, certain innovative efficiencies can help to improve the chassis performance, including the ability to be as lightweight as possible.

That is why our truss chassis is a market leader in caravan chassis design. The truss chassis is designed and engineered to be strong enough to handle any sort of circumstances whilst also being super lightweight.

Why Do People Use Truss Chassis?

Aside from the fact they look amazing, there is also a significant amount of weight savings with our truss chassis. Our truss chassis has been carefully designed with certain sections removed from the chassis to improve the weight without compromising the strength and integrity.

The sections that have been removed can then be replaced with laser cut engraving of your brand to give the chassis a professional finish that is also bound to elevate your brand.

The truss chassis is capable of standing up to all sorts of terrain and comes in various versions including aluminum and steel, and is designed for all types of on-road and off-road situations.



At ARV Chassis, we recognise safety as a top priority for all our chassis products. Our team of experts go out of their way to ensure that all individual components in a chassis unit comply with the applicable Australian safety standards.

The manufacture of our truss chassis is compliant with manufacturing standard ADR62 for A-Frames.

Australian Products
And Services

Our method of manufacturing aluminium chassis uses only Australian-made components. The galvanising work on the truss chassis is carried out on our premises and observes AS/NZS 2312.2.

And Reliability

Our truss frames are designed to last and resist rusting. Despite saving on the overall weight that your towing vehcile has to pull, our truss frames are corrosion-resistant, improving durability.

The axles and couplings we use in the chassis manufacturing process are only obtained from the industry's best suppliers.

The quality of the aluminium chassis provided by ARV Chassis is second to none and includes remarkable design features and performance. We are eager to hear from you so we can help provide you with the best solutions possible for your truss chassis.

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