Drawbar Nose

At ARV Chassis, we have created the most unique and innovative nose design the market has ever seen for our caravan A frame chassis.

What Makes Our Chassis Different?

One of the main features of our expertly designed chassis is that the chain is no longer welded to the chassis. The chain has cleverly been left loose and is locked in position using a system that is ADR-62 approved and fully tested by a compliance engineer.

Benefits Of An Unwelded Chassis Chain

If your chain is welded to the chassis and a link is broken or damaged, then you need to seek professional assistance to cut and repair the chain.

However, when the chain isn’t welded to the chassis, you can simply remove the damaged link from the chain and put a D-shackle in its place. You no longer need to take your chassis to a repair shop - you can simply do this by yourself at home.

Also, if you want to change your coupling at any time, access to the bolts at the front is a lot easier. You can simply put your hand and a socket in, undo it and tighten it up again.

Additional Information

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