Caravan Adventure Checklist Part Three – Checking The Exterior Of The Caravan

Last week we released part two of our four-part series of checklists covering some of the more important things that you should check before embarking on your next family caravanning adventure.

In last weeks article, the main focus was things you should check out with the interior of your caravan before departure.

This included things like checking that you have spare batteries for your smoke alarm and bringing extension cords, through to bringing the right kitchen and cooking utensils and recreation equipment.

This week we will take a look at part three of our four-part series which will focus on the most important things you need to check out with the exterior of your caravan before you head out on the road with the family.

It can’t be understated how important it is to carry out a meticulous pre-departure check on the exterior of your caravan.

This should be done to ensure that is safe for transit and that you don’t have any mishaps or inconveniences along the way.

Otherwise, this can quickly kill the spirit of your adventure and can also be very costly should you need a towing or emergency service.

With all of the above in mind, please read below for our comprehensive pre-departure checklist for the exterior of your caravan:

  • Tread on tyres – this is the most important safety check you can make. Not only do worn tyres affect the handling of the caravan, but it could also lead to a blow out at high speed.
  • Tyre pressure – best to do this as soon as you can into the journey unless you have the equipment to do so before departure.
  • Spare tyre – make sure it’s secure and also test air pressure along with the other tyres.
  • Pushbikes – if taking, make sure they are securely fastened and the tyres are also pumped up.
  • Tighten wheel nuts – the last thing you want is for the caravan to collapse or to lose a wheel while in transit!
  • Handbrake travel – make sure that the handbrake is tight enough to keep the caravan from moving too much when parked.
  • Gas cylinder – make sure it’s turned off, full and securely fastened. 
  • Jockey wheel operation – check there is no damage to the outer tube and the locking handle thread and pad.
  • Wastewater containers – empty the fresh and waste-water containers and toilet cassettes, correctly disposing of the waste.
  • Ride height – check by measuring the height from the top of the axle to suspension mounts according to manufacturer’s specs.
  • Lights – check that the brake lights, tail lights and indicators are all in working condition.
  • Firewood – if needed make sure you have enough stock and it is stored safely and securely.
  • Tool kit – check for important items such as the wheel brace, jack, spanners, screwdrivers, pliers, spare fuses etc.

Final Thoughts

As we can see, there are some very important things that you need to check before heading out on the road.

Some of these things can even be life-threatening if overlooked and that is the last thing we want to see happen on your family adventure.

It is our hope that this checklist will help you to have a safe and enjoyable adventure no matter where you to choose to go in Australia with your family and your caravan. 

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