What Exactly Makes A Caravan Chassis Off-Road-Ready?

It is important that your caravan chassis is off-road-ready before going on your trip in the great outdoors.

The Australian outback is not very forgiving and will put any vehicle to the test. 

Your chassis must be able to sustain the harsh Australian terrain or your adventure will quickly turn into a disaster and even a fight for survival in extreme situations.

The caravan chassis is the backbone of your caravan. It takes a majority of the stress and the load of the moving caravan.

It is vitally important to make sure that your caravan chassis is off-road ready. Here’s how:

Strong Quality Steel

Strong quality materials will make for a strong caravan chassis. It is the most important element of making the chassis.

The type and quality of the steel used in making the chassis can make or break your caravan’s foundation. 

Qualities of the strong quality steel:

  • Can be hot-dipped galvanized
  • Strong and durable
  • Preferably, Australian steel

When it comes to Australian steel, there are very strict standards to ensure the safe and economic use of steel.

Some of these standards include chemical composition, mechanical properties, dimensional and mass tolerance.

This covers other aspects of how steel is used such as welding, galvanising, painting and design.

What Makes Caravan Chassis Off-Road-Ready

Reliable And Trusted Manufacturer

The chassis is only as strong as the hands that are making it. No matter how good your materials are, if the builders are not trustworthy and highly-skilled, your chassis and your caravan will have a tough time when exposed to the rough Australian terrain. 

ARV Chassis is the industry’s leader in producing quality and sustainable caravan chassis and parts.

We are Australia’s most trusted chassis builder and stand by our products to withstand any conditions the harsh Australian terrain can throw at it.

Excellent Departure Angle and Ground Clearance

Travelling in the country means taking on rough roads and overcoming a variety of obstacles which include bumps, potholes and other road challenging road conditions. 

That is why you need a decent ground clearance to make sure you can go climb steep ascents and have enough space between obstacles and your chassis or suspension.

The following is what we recommend:

  • A decent departure angle must be 40 degrees or more
  • A ground clearance of 500mm or more

Strong Frame

A strong chassis frame can sustain and endure the following:

  • Strong vibrations due to rough terrain and unsealed roads
  • Sharp rocks and tough landscape
  • Water and moisture
What Makes Caravan Chassis Off-Road-Ready

Drawbar Mounted Stone Shield (optional)

In rocky terrains, your caravan chassis can easily get damaged from big rocks. You do not want any accidents on the road, particularly in remote locations. 

You can have a drawbar mounted stone shield fitted under the caravan chassis as added protection so your chassis remains untouched by rocks and other debris.

Mechanical Check

A pre-travel routine check by your trusted mechanic can save you a lot of trouble on the road.

Make sure that your caravan is roadworthy and your chassis is in good condition for the gruelling travel to the outback. 

A routine chassis check is simple and quick and doesn’t take up too much time. As we all know, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

First-Aid Tools

This may not seem important and relevant, but having the right tools for minor accidents and emergency repairs is very important.

Even if your caravan chassis is in good shape, accidents can happen. 

The Australian roads, particularly in the outback, are unpredictable and harsh.

It is not uncommon for things to happen out of nowhere. It is important to be ready for when these situations arise.

Safety is of the utmost importance when camping and going on the road. Make the right choice when choosing a caravan.

Do your due diligence, bring a mechanic with you to check out the caravan, and ask some experts when choosing a caravan chassis.

Choosing a caravan with a solid chassis is a good starting point in purchasing your dream holiday caravan.

This way, you are assured that your unit is strong, reliable, safe, and will last for a long time.

If you need more understanding regarding the types of caravan chassis available, we can provide you with more information.

We can also help you choose the right chassis that will meet your camping and outdoor requirements.

Please call us today on (03) 9111 5367 or message us through our contact page if you want the best caravan chassis in the market.