The Anatomy Of An Off-Road Caravan Chassis

Are you looking for a caravan that can take you to the most remote parts of the Australian outback with peace of mind?

The best off-road caravans are designed and built to overcome just about any conditions you may encounter during your escapades off the beaten track.

Exploring the outback can be an exciting but challenging adventure, and for this, you will need all the help you can get.

A strong and reliable caravan purposefully built for the task ahead is a must-have.

Before you hire or buy an off-road caravan for your next outback adventure, be sure to ascertain that it has the basic components of an off-road caravan chassis.


A strong and stable frame is the main foundation of any reliable off-road caravan.

To enhance the strength and stability of the caravan, the chassis parts must be properly laid out and reinforced.

For the A-frame 150mm x 150mm RHS members are used; for the chassis rails 150mm x 50mm or 100mm x 50mm members are used.

Suspension Set-Up

Off-road tracks, being rough and uneven, tests any suspension system to its limit.

The best off-road caravans come with a highly capable suspension system designed to overcome anything that the outback can throw at the caravan.

To minimise the transfer of shock from the uneven road surface to the caravan, any good off-road caravan will be equipped with an independent suspension system.

In most cases, the suspension system is made up of shock absorbers and coil springs with trailing arms.

The suspension system is also responsible for raising the caravan’s ground clearance.

Coupling System

360-degree articulation is essential when it comes to off-road caravans.

In addition to 360-degree articulation, off-road caravans should be equipped with a simple and easy to use coupling system, instead of the traditional systems that require hole or pin alignment.

Furthermore, for utmost functionality, the right coupling system for off-road caravans should support vertical and horizontal articulation as well.

As you can see, off-road caravans need a highly capable coupling system that performs better than traditional ball couplings.

External Armour

The overall construction of the entire caravan is also important in determining its off-road capabilities.

The manufacturer should be able to give you a breakdown of how the caravan body is attached to the chassis as well as how the cabinets inside are constructed.

Be sure to find out whether the setup used allows for off-road use.


To overcome the challenging off-road terrain of the Australian outback reliably, while still accommodating the occupants in a comfortable space, the design and construction of off-road caravans must include some essential components.

With the right chassis, suspension, water and power capacities, navigating rough terrain will be much easier and safer!

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