Importance Of A Spare Wheel

If you’re heading on an off-road adventure of any sort, you need to have a spare wheel. This is an absolute non-negotiable. Rough and rocky roads can be hard work for even the best tyres and wheels and carrying a spare ensures that if something goes wrong when you are miles away from civilisation you will be able to get moving again quickly.

Spare Wheel Holder

Spare wheel holders allow you to keep a spare wheel on hand at all times while also freeing up storage space and making sure that when you need to reach your spare tyre it is easy to do so. This saves you precious minutes by the roadside, ensuring that you don’t have to scramble to dig out your spare tyre in difficult weather conditions, or when you’re racing against the clock to get to a campsite before sunset.

When it comes to accessories and tools for RVs and caravans, ARV Chassis has got you covered. We are a team of caravan and RV enthusiasts that takes pride in supplying the highest quality products for those who enjoy the off-road life. We choose products that we use ourselves and employ our experience as off-road enthusiasts to help us make the best and most durable products and our spare wheel holder is no exception.

Benefits and Features

  • This lightweight spare wheel holder makes it easy to screw the spare wheel onto the bracket and enjoy the convenience of the storage location.
  • A space-saving solution, storing your spare wheel on this bracket saves space inside the vehicle.
  • This wheel holder can be mounted on any of our ARV Chassis and is lightweight, rust-resistant, and requires minimal ongoing maintenance.

At ARV Chassis, we take pride in supplying the highest quality RV and caravan parts. We use only the best materials and all of our parts are made to be compliant with Australian quality standards.

We know that when you are going off-road you need an RV that you can depend on. That’s why we work so hard to ensure that our parts are built to last. Every ounce counts when you’re driving long distances, and our weather-treated parts are built to survive the ravages of the outback.

If you have any questions about our spare wheel holder or our other parts and accessories, please call us today so we can help you kit out your RV to perfection.