Bike Plates For Your Caravan

Carrying a pushbike on your RV journey can be a delicate and sometimes difficult task. Regular caravaners know that bikes are not the most practical item to take with them when travelling however, taking your bike with you allows you to enjoy your holiday even more.

That’s why our expert team at ARV Chassis provides a wide range of caravan bike accessories designed with the most hardcore cycling fan in mind.

High-Quality Bike Plates For Your RV!

A caravan bike plate is crucial to successfully carrying your favourite bike when travelling with your caravan. Our bike plates are the industry’s best and make transporting your pushbike a bit more stylish and convenient.

Our bike plates conveniently fix to the tow bar of your RV and comes in three parts for enhanced flexibility with the focus being on the strength of the base plate where most of the weight of the bike is taken.

Our bike plates are designed and manufactured in our state of the art facility in Melbourne and offer a convenient way to carry your bike with you no matter where you go. Our expert team at ARV Chassis is prepared to go the extra mile to make sure we satisfy the needs of all our customers, no matter what special requirements they may have.

Features And Benefits

  • ARV bike plates are strong and durable
  • They are versatile and help carry your favourite bike anywhere when RVing
  • Easy to install and use
  • Loading and unloading your favourite bike becomes quick and simple
  • Bike plates have no impact on the main airflow or fuel consumption of the RV
  • ARV bike plates are easy to maintain and resistant to wear and tear

Why Choose ARV?

  • We have been in the caravan industry for over 14 years
  • We have built a reputation of being committed to our craft
  • ARV Chassis is headquartered in Campbellfield – the heart of the Caravan Industry in Australia
  • We manufacture superior quality bike plates for caravans and other applications

Please call ARV Chassis today for all your caravan chassis needs and let us help make your caravanning experience the best it can be!