Repairs & Upgrades

Chassis Repairs & Upgrades

We have a fully equipped repair center to support our customer needs.

With your caravan spending so much of its time being subjected to gruelling road conditions in Australia, wear and tear on your caravan and its chassis is par for the course.

Your caravan will also be constantly exposed to the harsh Australian weather conditions causing even further wear and tear.

Therefore, when the time comes for repairs and upgrades, you need someone who is trustworthy and reliable you can depend on.

That’s why you should turn to ARV Chassis.

We are a trusted name when it comes to repairing and upgrading all types of caravan chassis.

Following is why you can trust ARV Chassis with all your caravan repairs, servicing, and upgrades:

General Repairs

Whether it's a general repair such as replacing a light fixture or a more serious repair such as upgrading the suspension of your caravan, ARV treats every project with the same commitment, passion, and quality of service.

When you are experiencing any type of fault or problem with your caravan chassis, our experienced and professional repair team will always do their best to get you back on the road as fast as they can.

Our team will guide you through the repair options and offer highly personalised solutions that meet your needs and budget.

That's why you should call ARV for all your caravan repairs in Melbourne.

Caravan Servicing And Maintenance

Here at ARV, we understand that your caravan is not only your second home but a significant emotional and financial investment.

Similar to any other piece of equipment or vehicle, your caravan needs to be cared for and maintained regularly. Regular maintenance will ensure optimum performance and safety at all times.

Your caravan should be in peak condition when travelling on uneven, harsh roads and also through a variety of weather conditions.

That is why you can depend on ARV for all your caravan servicing and maintenance needs.

Why Choose ARV?

ARV has a fully-equipped service facility and repair centre to support all our customer needs. Our team provides meticulous attention to detail when repairing or upgrading your caravan chassis.

We build chassis to withstand the toughest conditions in Australia and we test all our products in the outback and not just in a lab.

That's why you can rely on ARV Chassis for all your caravan servicing, repairs, upgrades, and maintenance needs as we are one of the most trusted names in Australia when it comes to chassis repairs and upgrades.


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