Caravan Battery Box

Battery boxes are the best way to convert your caravan’s deep-cycle battery into a portable power station and are an integral component of any caravan chassis. The ARV Chassis battery box is the perfect fit for your caravan battery and guarantees battery storage and security while protecting the battery from the harsh elements in Australia.

ARV Battery Boxes For Superior Quality!

ARV’s superior line of products features high-quality locking aluminium battery boxes on all our caravan chassis. With caravan battery security in mind, each of our battery boxes is specifically engineered to prevent battery damage and even theft.

You can keep your expensive caravan battery under lock and key with our superior battery boxes. Our battery boxes also provide safe lockable storage and come in multiple sizes and can accommodate a multitude of battery types such as both six and twelve-volt battery applications.

All our chassis are made from 100% heavy-gauge diamond-plate aluminium for superior quality and longevity which is why you can rely on ARV’s quality battery boxes on your chassis. What’s more, you can extend your battery life by up to 400% and prevent wasting the battery prematurely with our unique design.

ARV has been in the caravan industry in Australia for over 14 years. We have built a reputation of being dedicated to our craft. Our mission is to always choose quality over quantity – which has resulted in more of our customers coming back to ARV Chassis.

Features And Benefits

  • Prevents common and expensive caravan battery theft
  • Dual-use for securing caravan batteries and other gear
  • Unique slide top with lock for quick and easy access
  • Built from high-quality aluminium materials
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Acid neutralising battery mat to avoid corrosion

Please call ARV Chassis today for all your caravan chassis needs in Australia and let us help you to enjoy your caravanning experience to the fullest.