Gas Bottle Ring

When you are taking a caravan adventure across our great brown land, you need a caravan chassis that you can trust. Not only that, you also need to make sure that the adventure is as convenient and enjoyable as possible. From gas bottle holders to the bike racks to store your bikes, ARC Chassis look after every possible detail to make your caravanning experience a pleasurable one.

At ARV Chassis, we take pride in supplying only the highest quality accessories. Our team is made up of RV enthusiasts who understand the importance of robust parts and use their experience to help them find accessories that off-road lovers can rely on and enjoy.

Gas Bottle Benefits

Gas bottles are a vital component for many RVs, especially for those people who spend a lot of time away from caravan parks and the convenience offered by these facilities. Cooking with gas is convenient and simple, and will make your off-road trips that little bit more comfortable and enjoyable.

Gas Bottle Ring Benefits and Features

It’s important to keep gas bottles secured while transporting them and that’s where gas bottle rings come into the equation. Gas bottles rings allow you to transport your gas bottle without fear that it will come loose and roll around, potentially getting damaged or doing damage to your caravan.

Our gas bottle rings make it easy to slip gas bottles in and out of and are manufactured using strong, yet lightweight materials. Weight is an important consideration when you spend a lot of time on the road, which is why our gas bottle ring is designed to maximise strength while keeping the weight as low as possible.

This allows you to secure your gas bottle and be confident they will not slip out of place. This is a great option for those locations where a wall mounted strap and spacer will not get the job done.

All our parts are made to meet or exceed Australian quality standards, so you can rest assured you will enjoy nothing but the best quality chassis and components. Please call ARV Chassis today for all your caravan chassis needs in Australia and let us help you to enjoy your caravanning experience to the fullest.