Drop Legs

At ARV Chassis, we take pride in stocking the highest quality and most hardwearing components for your caravan. No matter where you plan to take your caravan in Australia, ARV Chassis is a name you can trust to provide you with only the very best caravans.

Benefits of Drop Legs

Caravans are large and heavy, and parking them on uneven ground can be tricky. For maximum comfort when using the caravan, it is a good idea to level out the caravan itself. This means that each individual drop leg will need to be extended to different lengths to ensure that your caravan is sitting flat and stable.

The legs take the weight off the trailer itself and help to stop it rocking or vibrating when people are moving around. Once the legs are at the correct height, simply tighten them in place so that they can hold the caravan steadily.

Suitable for use on firm ground, these rust-resistant drop legs are easy to set in place and also easy to remove, making them ideal for those planning to move around a lot during their expeditions.

Benefits and Features

At ARV Chassis, we take pride in our safety-first philosophy. Our dedicated team strives to ensure that all of our chassis components are made to the highest standards. Every part we supply meets or exceeds the quality assurance standards used in Australia.

Our parts are made to be rust-free and long-lasting, ensuring that they are both lightweight and corrosion-resistant. We use protective coatings to further reduce the risk of corrosion, and our galvanized parts are prepared at our very own facility, to meet AS/NZS 2312.2.

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