Why Choose Aluminium For Your Caravan Chassis?

As the foundation of your caravan, it is crucial that your chassis is durable and long-lasting.

This boils down to what your chassis is made of and how it can last in the long run.

Therefore, in the following article, we will look at the reasons why you should seriously consider aluminium for your caravan chassis.

What’s So Great About Aluminium Frames?

Aluminium frames have been around since the 1970s as a substitute for traditional timber frames.

Over time, aluminium has become popular among many caravan manufacturers across Australia and has been the go-to frame for many caravan owners.

However, why is aluminium so popular? Well, it’s simple: aluminium is a lightweight yet durable material.

Unlike timber frames, aluminium does not rot or swell from being exposed to different weather conditions and terrains.

It is a more sustainable type of material that can endure various environments in comparison to other types of raw material.

The Aluminium Frame

There are two types of aluminium that are typically used in caravans: C-channel or box section.

Box section aluminium is commonly used for off-road caravans as it is thicker, heavier, and stronger than C-channel aluminium. 

Caravans chassis made of aluminium often have interlocking frames that offer more strength and durability.

This can also be enhanced through two methods: by pop-riveting the frames and then securing it with high-tensile pin punches or by welding them together. 

How Does Aluminium Compare With Other Chassis Material Types?

Further to aluminium, there are two other types of material that are used to make caravan chassis: timber and steel. So how do they compare?

As previously mentioned, timber frames are often prone to rotting and swelling.

Aluminium doesn’t rust which means it does not require any extra measures for it to be rust-proof, unlike both timber and steel frames which do rot and rust and have to be rot and rust-proofed.

On the other hand, steel and aluminium are quite similar to each other in that they are both sturdy materials.

Though steel is known to be more rigid, if it carries a great amount of load and bends, it cannot return to its original shape.

This makes it susceptible to cracking and can be pretty hard to fix.

Unlike steel, aluminium is more flexible and is capable of returning back to its original shape if it has been bent because it is much better at absorbing load forces than steel.

In fact, it is 3x more likely to return to its original shape than steel.

Aluminium is also generally lighter than steel which eliminates additional workload and stresses for your caravan.

Are Aluminium Frames Good For Off-Road Caravans?

The short answer? Yes! 

Aluminium frames are popular for chassis manufacturers who create off-road caravans.

That is because aluminium chassis are strong, provide great weight savings, and are resistant to water damage, which is the perfect combination!

Are There Limitations To Consider With Aluminium?

Aluminium is definitely a great material choice for your caravan.

However, we also want to make sure that you are aware of other important considerations when it comes to aluminium chassis.

Aluminium is without a doubt more sustainable and durable than natural materials such as timber. 

However if, for example, you use ply for the inner walls of your aluminium caravan, it can rot if it is exposed to water.

Nonetheless, at least the body structure will not be affected as much compared to the whole caravan being made of wood.

Other than that, aluminium can also be more expensive.

Keep in mind though that it is important to understand aluminium frames are a worthy investment.

Its advantages and benefits are definitely unparalleled and will ensure that your money was definitely well spent for the long-term use of your caravan. 


There are many manufacturers that construct aluminium caravan chassis in different ways. However, the advantages of aluminium are the same nonetheless. 

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